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Here’s my ramblings for this month, my next short behind the scene production is running late, i wish i could say it was due to Hollywood star contractual problems, multi million dollar budget running over but no, me and Gav just want to get it right! so you’ll have to wait till next month, fingers crossed.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Rolf Harris over a three day period which i really enjoyed,
the commission was to shoot groups of people with Rolf, but after we had completed the job i could not help myself and i asked if i could take his portrait, he very kindly agreed but i only had thirty seconds, so have a look at this months mailer for the result! (if you are not on the mailing list send me you’re emai and i’ll add you on.)

I have been busy shooting a project in the forest’s but cant talk about it at the minute, that’s another one for the future! But over the last week i have joined in with the rest of the world with an app for my iPod which shoots pictures just like i used to on film (i think it was when dinosaurs ruled the earth, i cant be that old, i haven’t had a mid life crisis yet, or is this it!).Is it me, or has the craft element gone from creating images this way, this can be said of anything that makes production easier whatever the process, but on the other hand Polariod film disappeared, so it’s better to have than to have not!

Anyway, here’s some shots i took last week, hope you like them and i’ll be back with another blog post soon!

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