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Seaham coastline


Here’s the March entry to the blog.

Eggs are just around the corner, I sometimes keep one until later in the year, just to annoy the kids – sorry i digress. I have been back to an old favorite part of the coastline again as a bit of r&r in between jobs and other projects [one of them will be another short film, I can here the cries of joy already!] When shooting landscapes I find returning to a familiar location a good experience, the weather/elements are the only external factor that can change. I have to react to the landscape to put something into the shot, which is a rewarding challenge. (Note this does not include getting wet up to the knee’s, falling down on ones bottom on a slippy rock, then checking no one has seen my fall and trying to time the incoming wave’s watching nervously as the wave’s go higher up the tripod than was anticipated!!) I have included a few shots which are two to three years old, I hope you like them and as usual comments are gladly accepted via the usual channels.

seeya mb